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Hue-Man Expressions 

Hue-man Expressions creates high quality detailed images and educational material of Black & brown kids & adults for many fields of study like Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech & Language Pathology, Special Education, etc.

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Hue-man Expression Visuals

We have created many visuals that serve specific purposes in the field. Below are some details of the visuals available.

Representation Reflects the Beauty of Our Reality

Our Kids are Under-represented

While African Americans represent 12.3% of the population they are grossly under-represented in existing genetic registries and biomedical research studies of autism. Socioeconomic barriers further lead to a lack of or delayed access to evaluation, diagnosis, and services.

Pictures Like Me

 Communication cards are highly effective for children who can’t express their wants and needs. Current communication cards in the field do not represent our Black or brown kids. Positive representation in educational curricula can be helpful in increasing self-esteem, reducing stereotypes and provide validation and support.

Detailed Illustrations

Existing communication cards are not very detailed. They often have illustrations of stick figure characters and smiley faces with minimal details. Hue-man Expressions communication cards include detailed illustrations of Black and brown children. 

Please Read:

  • Please allow up to 24 - 48 hours for processing and account creation after purchase.
  • Digital & physical decks are available.
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Benefits Of Hue-man Expressions Visual Communication Cards

  • Positive detailed images of Black & brown kids

  • More effective connection with black & brown kids 

  • Improved modeling and imitation 

  • Improves self esteem 

  • Increased engagement

Our Story

Hue-man Expressions was born because of the lack of diversity with educational material depicting Black children in the field of ABA. Hue-man Expressions visuals give Black children realistic and detailed images of kids who look like them, modeling everyday skills that may be difficult for them to communicate or express.

Current communication cards in the field of ABA do not represent Black and brown children. The benefits of representation and learning from pictures are important. Hue-man Expressions visual communication cards are more engaging and effective.

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